Q. Where can I get the DirectX 8.0 or better version?
   The latest DirectX downloads can be found in

Q. Is it safe to use my credit card online?
   Absolutely! When you place an order with us, it is made over a secure connection to the order processing company - They have many security and fraud prevention measures in place to make sure all bits of customer information, not just credit card numbers, are totally safe!


Q. I paid game. What now?
   As soon as your payment is completed you will receive an e-mail, containing your License: registration key. Now you need to enter those things into the game.

Please, follow the instructions:

  • Launch the game trial version;
  • Go to the register window (click the button in the right lower corner with the text "Register");
  • Click the button Register;
  • It will take you to the form with field for registration key;
  • Fill them and click the button with the text "Accept".

Q. I can purchase product using US Currency?
   Yes, you can purchase product use US Currency or use other currency unit.

Please, follow the instructions:

  • Visit product order link;
  • Click button "Order";
  • Select currency to display basket in: US $ - United States Dollars.


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